Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December Update

After a long period of hibernation, the IPMS/USA Classic British Kits SIG is back in action. The Holiday Season finds the following action:

1. The SIG blog has seen a few new updated with more to come. The December material includes Jeff Selesky's Airfix Yak build, and four Frogs by John Ratzenberger. John's Whitley has been posted, and the rest of the four will appear as the week goes on. A further update will see a Quick Peek at the small scale Frog DeHavilland Beaver. As always the SIG is in need of any article submissions you wish to provide.

2. The SIG will make our public debut at the IPMS/USA National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona between August 4 to 7, 2010, with a SIG display table. After much thought and discussion the SIG table will feature a "No Theme" Theme. I hear however that some members may be working on their own private themes. For example your scribe is trying to narrow down just what Canadian topics he wishes to build. So plan to be there with you Classic British Kits on display. Point person on the display table will be SIG Co-Leader Paul Bradley.

3. Join in the SIG Discussion Forum at the Unofficial Airfix Modellers Forum. In fact check out the whole Unofficial Airfix Modellers Forum. It is a fun and lively forum of modeling, group builds, and all things classic and British. Come on over and join in on the discussion.

4. For more on classic kits, please also see the January issue of Scale Aviation Modeler International, where CBK member Mike Grant shows what you can do with the old Matchbox Wellesley bomber. This effectively kicks off a new series, starting in March, by Mike on classic kits - something we at the SIG are very much looking forward to! In the February issue, there will be a piece about our sister SIG, Classic British Kits UK, and their Telford display.

5. Don't forget Classic British Kits are for fun. Build a Classic British Kit today!

Jim Bates
SIG Co-Leader