Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jeff Selesky's Airfix 1/72 YAK-9D Build Part One

This issue of the YAK-9D is Series 2-46 and the instruction sheet indicates the Airfix Corporation of America, Philadelphia 24, PA. I would guess that this 29 part kit is a classic.

The box art.

The instruction sheet "A" side.

The instruction sheet "B" side.

The slightly yellowed, glossy decal sheet. Yellow (gold) outline on the national insignia.

Here is the parts layout.

Initial construction does not take long. Clamps were used due to a little warpage in the fuselage halves.

Here is the construction and a test fit of the "classic" Airfix stand. It sets best backwards as it tips over the other way. The propeller needs a little TLC. Careful filing away flash and mold marks is tedious as there is not much left to hold the blade to the spinner.

The color callouts for the YAK 9D on the instruction sheet was for dark green and brown. I personally felt that the two Russian grays were more appropriate for the 9D. Polly Scale colors were used with a Badger 200 fine tip airbrush. Masking was done with "Blue Tack" snakes.

In Part Two I will gloss it up and added the decals. Then, as they say, "finish up this little lot."