Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jeff Selesky's Airfix 1/72 YAK-9D Build Part Two

In part two the process of finishing things up begins. First came a gloss coat of Future. I like Future as it ties the paint job together and evens the surface and it is very glossy for any decaling job.

I used the kit decals which have yellowed just a titch but overall not bad for the age. They are flat finished, very thin and brittle. A dip in a little warm water and they came off the backing sheet quickly. I did not use any decal solution and except for over one rivet, they settled nicely into place.

Once dry, I overcoat the whole model with another coat of Future. This smooths everything out again. When the Future is dry, I finished up with Testor's Dullcoat.

Final assembly is started by adding a aerial made from sprue, painting the guns and prop blade tips, and adding the pilot figure who is reclining like in a F-16 because of the seat position. Pastel chalks were used for exhaust streaking. The canopy is nice and clear and fits very well. And of course you have to use the Airfix stand. In this case I have it backwards as the model tips over placed the other way.

Over all, this was a fun project and it looks like a Yak-9D when finished. It would make a great candidate for a Blitzbau.