Thursday, December 24, 2009

John Ratzenberger's Frog 1/72 Martin Maryland

Another build for the CBK Frog display at Telford -- this time in the options category where all color/marking options were built. For the Maryland, I drew the Free French marked bird (by virtue of being 2nd to volunteer) while another SIG member did the SAAF-marked plane. I knew little about the Maryland when I started and not much more when I finished.

Another find off E-bay. There were several issues with the kit -- one nacelle was poorly molded and I had to reshape it. One wing half was slightly warped, requiring straightening. The gear doors are very thick and I decided to do it in-flight to simply avoid the hassle of cleaning them up. As usual there is minimal interior, but the crew hides some of that. Fit was so-so but I worked through it. I am convinced there is a very slight warp in the rear fuselage -- the rudder appears offset.

Anyway, it was painted in the kit color scheme using paints from the White Ensign Colour Coats range. The original kit decals were out of register and I got a second set from another CBK SIG member -- to find some of them were out of register. I dug a set of French insignia out of my stash and between the 3 managed to come up with a complete set of decals. You'll see the Lorraine Crosses are different than the rest of the decals.

All finished, at a nice angle on the stand, it looks quite good. I'm not aware of other Maryland kits to compare this to.