Saturday, August 7, 2010

MPC Helldiver Courtesy of Jeff Selesky

I recently obtained a Classic British Kit in the form of the MPC release of the Curtis Helldiver. Of interest is the boxart with a very light colored border including a side shot of what is offered in the box. Yes, you can build a stock Airfix Helldiver, but also do a "Hot Rod" version with custom flame decals.

Inside the box is the standard Airfix 1/72 Helldiver, an instruction sheet, and a little tab offering "Moulded in England." Can you get any more CBK? What amazed me is that included in the box was a display stand with room to add more MPC/Airfix kits to it and a clear plastic disk to show your model in flight. Really cool.

Older modelers will remember that MPC re-issued several Airfix kits with custom decals, the Mig-21 being one. But for newer members of the CBK clan, this just might be interesting.